Advanced and safe technologies for

human and environment are a guarantee

of highest quality and efficiency.

Yareck Success is a company that will provide you with safe and economic stonemason machines made by the Polish company ABRA. We also sell the necessary accessories for their work and make post sales service.

Abra is the Polish company experienced in trading and manufacturing, which focuses on the stone market.

Since 1996 Abra's dustless sandblasting machines, bridge saws, grinders, cutting machines and other equipment have been working at stone companies all around the world.


We also offer a high quality gravestone photogaphy on porcelain, in crystal and granite.

We have been doing it successfully for the last 30 years.

Yareck Success is in Ireland since 2015 and we already have many loyal and happy customers. Successively we are increasing our range of products and services. 

So if you are looking for technologically advanced, reliable and environmentally friendly machines and high quality stone photography please don't hesitate to contact Yareck Success for more details.

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